RoboBasket is an automatic file sorter that can copy, move, rename, delete and process files based on the user configured set of rules.

RoboBasket - software for auto file organizing.

RoboBasket lets you:

  • Automatically copy, move, rename and process files according to rules that you set up.
  • Set up schedules for processing files.
  • Constantly monitor folders for new files and sort them accordingly.

RoboBasket Screenshots

This is the rules settings window where you can configure your rules for folders. click to enlarge
configure the rules

This is the rule editor window where you can edit your rule click to enlarge
edit rule

This is the Action Log Window where you can search the actions and locate your files. click to enlarge
Search Action Log

RoboBasket Features

Create rules to keep your files organized

Create rules to keep your files organized

With the powerful and easy-to-use rule system you can tell RoboBasket how to organize your files. You can choose to process files based on their date, size, extension, mp3 tags, file name and other properties and choose from action that include move, copy, rename, recycle, open, print and other file operations.

automatically organize files in folders

Automatically organize any folders you choose.

RoboBasket can monitor whatever folders(e.g. your desktop, your downloads) you choose and process files in these folders automatically.

Quickly organize your files with one click

Quickly access RoboBasket features from system tray menu

You can organize the monitored folders any time from RoboBasket Folders Menu. Taking control of the file cluttered is very quick and easy.

More than just filing

More than just filing

RoboBasket supports many file operations besides moving and copying. You can have RoboBasket rename you files or sort them into subfolders based on name, date or some specific file attributes. With RoboBasket rule-based engine, you can create powerful workflows to automatically organize and process your files.

Organize your files in more professional way

Organize your files in more professional way

RoboBasket can read specific file attributes such as mp3.artist, mp3.genre or You can have RoboBasket sort your mp3 files into artist/album directory or rename you digital photos with photo date.

Find files with the help of Live Search

Find files with the help of Live Search

RoboBasket keeps detailed log of all actions and also allows you to quickly search for files that have been processed. You don't have to dig files from your hard disk any more.